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At we're here to help you find the ideal pet-friendly hotel in your required destination. Today, more households own a pet than not, and it's important to be able to take your pet or pets away with you. Pet-friendly hotels may take a whole variety of pets, some can be a little more strict on the type of pets they allow to come into their hotel.

Some hotels that allow pets may allow you to take along all sorts of pets, including reptiles, birds, mice, cats and dogs. As you can understand, other hotels may refuse to let reptiles into their hotel, for example. Other guests may be more forgiving, or even welcoming if a dog were to wander into their room, whereas a rogue snake that has escaped might strike fears into other guests.

We have an extensive list of pet-friendly hotels all over the United States, with details such as types of pet they allow, maximum number of pets and cost per pet. Please contact hotels prior to travelling to double check their pet policies should you have a more unusual pet, or a pet other than a cat or dog. Always contact the hotel first to arrange a booking before you set off on your travels.

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